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Career Management & Transition Services

Everyone’s needs are unique and different and are driven by many factors including:

  • Personal situations
  • Financial situations
  • Personality, drive, and motivation
  • Interests and abilities
  • Market Conditions and opportunities
  • Other unique factors

Given the number of factors that can influence your specific situation, which could be one-two-or-all of the above, Next-Act will develop a plan and approach to meet your needs. Our process is four-fold and may include all processes or fewer, depending upon the situation and need.

Our Services in Brief:

  • Career Assessment
  • Career Strategy Planning (CSP)
  • Resume & Marketing Tools Development
  • Career Consulting & Counseling
  • Interview Planning & Assessment
  • Targeted Research
  • Market Monitoring
  • Posting Management

What’s Our Process?

Advancing your career takes planning and resources. Next-Act provides candidates with unparalleled recruiting services throughout the process.

Learn more about our process here.